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Art and Feng Shui

We love working with clients to carefully select and place art within their homes. From a Feng Shui perspective, art has the ability propel positive energy and ignite the spirit. After all, “energy flows where the eye goes.” Hence, subject matter and positioning of creative works are both crucial elements to consider before investing in a significant piece of art.

Be Space-Specific: Before deciding what kind of art you want, think about the needs of the space it will assume. Choose art according to the Feng Shui energy you need in that space. For instance, we suggest opting for something vibrant in the living room, something stimulating in the office, something bountiful in the kitchen and something sensual in the bedroom.

Select Aspirational Symbols: Beautiful, positive, vibrant art can do wonders for your home. We always encourage clients to go for what speaks to the heart. The law of attraction has a role to play here too. For instance, if you dream of owning a yacht, add an image of a yacht on water. If you are seeking a partner, select images in pairs or couples… You get the idea!

Avoid Negative Imagery: While anxiety, anger and loneliness often make for powerful and dramatic art, it can have a negative impact on the overall energy of your home. Be sure to avoid images depicting sadness and violence in the bedroom which is our main refuge for rest, relaxation and healing rejuvenation. Many times, negative images and situations become magnetic – so avoid at all costs!

Consider Your Bagua Bearings: Refer to the Feng Shui Bagua map of your home, and position art pieces accordingly. For instance, the northern wall = career and success (emphasize the water element with images of oceans, waterfalls or fish); the western wall = creativity (a great place for cubist and abstract works); the east wall = health and family (hang pictures that suggest the vitality of nature and family portraits that depict happiness and joy).

Balance the Elements: The golden thread through all Feng Shui design is, of course, the notion of balance. The pieces of art you choose must be integrated harmoniously so that the overall balance of the five elements are not disturbed (i.e. water, wood, fire, earth and metal).

Still have questions about whether a certain piece of art is right for your home? Or perhaps you have the art, but are unsure where to place it? Consult your trusted Feng Shui practitioner today!



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