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Promoting Health and Well-Being Through Design

Photo by Jordan Whitt via "Unsplash"

Have you heard the expression “health is wealth”? Without robust physical, emotional, and spiritual health, many aspects of life cannot be enjoyed to full potential. The design of your home and workspace has an inestimable impact on your overall well-being.

Take a moment to pause and consider: How healthy is your home from a Feng Shui perspective? What about your place of business? Your kitchen? Your bedroom? If you answered unfavorably, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Too many homes and businesses suffer from low and stagnant Feng Shui energy. Luckily, we have cures and remedies within our Feng Shui toolkit.

Revitalize the energy of your home and BOOST your overall health and well-being in 4 instantly actionable steps:

Strengthen the Feng Shui Trinity: Your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom make up the “Feng Shui Trinity” because of their utmost importance to health and well-being. Your kitchen nourishes and sustains life – keep it clean and clutter free with a fridge full of healthy fuel to eat and drink (good nutrition = good Feng Shui). Your bedroom should promote a harmonious flow of nourishing, vibrant, rejuvenating energy – no TV’s please! Bathrooms are notorious problem areas (sinks and toilets drain luck and positive energy). Transform yours into a spa-like oasis with concealed cabinetry, candles, and aromatherapy.

Emphasize Health Bagua: The home has two regions worth paying special attention to when wanting to boost health – the center and the “Health and Family” bagua region to the East. These are great areas to strongly integrate through design both Wood and Water Elements.

Purify Your Air: If you live in a city like New York, no doubt you’re already aware of toxic outdoor pollution. But did you know that indoor pollution can be just as bad, if not worse? Unless your home is truly environmentally friendly, you’ll need to take active steps to purify the air you breathe. Integrate air purifying plants like Boston Ferns or Peace Lillies, invest in a salt lamp, and be sure to replace air conditioner filters every 3 months.

Enhance Light and Color: The quality and quantity of natural light, as well as color (light’s visual expression), are all crucial ingredients for personal health and well-being. If you spend a lot of the day indoors, consider investing in full spectrum lighting. Decorate with vibrant, beautiful colors that energize your spirit and help you relax.

Improve your immediate environment and watch the quality of your health and life improve in exciting and unexpected ways. To take things to the next level, consult your Feng Shui practitioner!


Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Click on the links below for package details:

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.

A well designed environment boosts employee's performance, promotes efficiency & creates a comforting space for incoming clients.

There is no second chance to make a first impression. When the time comes to sell your home, look to ease the transition by helping your home to make that fabulous first impression.

Universal Design is the concept of creating a thoughtful space for all people, regardless of their age, size or ability. Universal Design is a perfect design solution to pursue because of the comprehensive features that endure throughout a life span.

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