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Welcoming Family and Friends for the Holidays

The temperature is finally falling, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s that wonderful time of year when the leaves turn gold and we all get a moment to pause, practice gratitude, and spend time with loved ones.

A lot can be done within the home to welcome family and friends while creating a warm, and inviting atmosphere. Some of these are Feng Shui concepts, while others are just principles of good interior design – remember the two often go hand in hand!

Prepare Your Front Door

Home and apartment doors are known as the "Mouth of Chi". This is the portal through which all new energy enters your space, both good (Sheng Chi) and bad (Sha Chi). To attract the most auspicious energy, you must have an attractive and fully functional front door.

Cleanse Your Home

Preparing for the holiday requires a clean home with fresh energy, so clutter and space clearing before and after family celebrations is crucial. Energetic space clearing (or “smudging”) can be achieved any number of ways (e.g. burning incense/sage or by performing an orange peel ceremony).

Facilitate Comfortable Dining

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends – and the dinner table has a pivotal role to play! Thus, it is critically important to design a tabletop that is functional, inspirational, and allows for fluid conversation between guests. The perfect dinner table will fit everyone comfortably with at least 20-25 inches of table space per person. If furniture needs re-arranging, be sure to account for cleared walkways and space behind chairs (let the good “chi” flow). Table decorations should never block visibility between guests. Run with a theme relevant to the holiday (e.g. “a celebration of Mother Nature’s bounty” could include pumpkins, gourds, and autumn leaves).

Promote Fire and Earth Elements

Fire Element has a nourishing and supportive relationship with Earth and is represented using reds, oranges and gold. Incorporate triangular shapes wherever possible to represent fire. Work candles into centerpieces or light up the fireplace to warm up and purify the energy of your home. Earth Element celebrates earth’s bounty and is represented by light yellow and sandy browns. Ground with solid square shapes, representative of the earth element, wherever possible. Earthenware containers are highly recommended.

Practice Gratitude

Be sure to celebrate the holiday with a sincere feeling of gratitude (i.e. gratefulness for what you have received and what you will receive). Gratitude enhances our wellbeing and welcomes abundance.

Holiday Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. What are you grateful for?



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