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Does Your Office Promote Productivity?

Image by Domenico Loia via Unsplash

Summer is over and we’re all back to school and work. Before diving too far into your inbox, ask yourself the question: “does my office promote productivity?”

Our physical environments have a huge subconscious impact on how efficiently, and happily, we work – which, in turn, can dramatically affect the quality of our output.

Increase your productivity with seven simple design tweaks:

1) Command Position Placement is when a desk faces the office entrance giving you the power to “see” all the possibilities and opportunities that come past your door – which is important if you are to “invite them in.” This auspicious placement also relieves you from the discomfort of constantly looking over your shoulder to see who is entering or leaving.

2) Lighting is one of the most significant factors for staying focused and feeling inspired, yet it is often over-looked and undervalued. Natural light should be enhanced wherever possible. Task lighting with natural light bulbs and light therapy devices are great too.

3) Ergonomic Chairs and Tables will protect your body and enhance functionality. Position your computer so that your eyes are 24-36 inches from the monitor, and employ a slightly inclined foot rest for greater support and stability. Have you heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking?” Consider a standing desk with adjustable height functionality.

4) Keep it Clean by decluttering on a regular basis. Some say organized mess helps the creative mind. However, it certainly doesn’t promote productivity. Dedicate 10 minutes every morning to organizing and filing paperwork – or better yet, go digital! Programs like Dropbox and Evernote are excellent digital storage solutions that will leave your office clutter free.

5) Colors profoundly affect mood and brain function. Enhance creativity and productivity with light greens/blues and avoiding harsh or distracting hues.

6) Welcome Mother Nature to your workspace with open arms. Remember, we are first and foremost biological creatures and are deeply impacted by our connection to the natural world. Orchids and succulents last for many months, and don’t require a green thumb. Images of the natural work as a desktop/screensaver will reconnect you to the natural world too!

7) Capture Ideas using chalk boards, white boards, brainstorming pads, and post-it notes. There’s nothing worse than losing a great idea – so make sure easily recordable.

These little adjustments will go a long way to boosting productivity. Contentment and comfort manifest themselves into all aspects of our work, creating better office environments for everyone!

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