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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

Mirrors have auspicious properties and unique capabilities within the world of Feng Shui. As one of the Nine Essential Chi Adjustments, they can double or multiply the energy of a space, reflect incoming light, and create the illusion of extra space.

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are often associated with the Feng Shui Water Element – a mysterious and complex element that can exist in several different chemical states (solid – ice, liquid – water, gas – vapor) and is a powerful way to bring function, freedom, and flow to your home.

Since mirrors have such strong capabilities, and Water is such a powerful Feng Shui Element, strict guidelines apply and are strongly suggested here:

– The Dining Room is an ideal space to first consider hanging a mirror. This space represents our ability to “hold wealth” as opposed to “accrue wealth.” Mirrors should be centered at eye level and reflect incoming light to make the room feel more luminous and spacious.

– Whole Mirrors that allow you to see yourself in once piece give you a “sense of completeness,” whereas small or tilted mirrors only offer fragments that can make you feel “broken down” over time.

– Bring Nature Indoors by positioning mirrors so that they reflect trees and gardens. As humans, it’s important we retain our connection to nature, especially within our homes.

– Avoid Distressed or Antiqued Surfaces: this includes mercury glass and stylized scratches – these can distort your reality and prevent you from “seeing the world clearly.”

– Keep Mirrors Out of the Bedroom unless in a separate dressing room or area. Mirrors in the bedroom are over-stimulating and can result in insomnia if facing the bed. They can also reflect and magnify marital problems.

– Mirrors Near the Front Door: front doors represent the “Mouth of Chi” or the “Portal” through which all fresh, good energy enters our living spaces. If a mirror is placed in your line of sight as you enter, however, it will reflect ALL of that wonderful fresh energy right back out the door. If the mirror is to the side, however, its auspicious powers enhance the good energy by bouncing it into our home, giving us the ability to reflect out “best” selves out in the world.

– Enhance Kitchen Visibility: a mirror placed behind the kitchen cooktop will give the cook a sense of control if he or she must have their back to the entrance to the kitchen while they cook. This also applies to a shiny pan or a reflective backsplash tile.

Mirrors will always be a terrific decorating resource, and Feng Shui activator. But use them wisely!

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