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A Summer Detox For Your Home

We often read about how to detox our bodies for summer. But what about our homes? After all, our home environment has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being.

Over the last few decades, our exposure to toxins has increased through pollution, water contamination, pharmaceutical drugs, widespread use of pesticides, and increased use of chemicals in our food and personal care products. As we age, these contaminants accumulate in our bodies (primarily in organs and fatty tissues), thereby increasing our overall toxicity. Our homes work in much the same way. This toxic buildup can result in health complications and illness over time.

Detoxing your home takes time and patience, but is an endeavor well worth investing in. Start to reduce your toxic exposure by making small changes to your home, cleaning products, water source, and the quality of air you breathe. These changes will help put you and your family on the path toward optimal health and well-being:

Natural Cleaners: When was the last time you stopped to check the ingredients in your everyday cleaning products? Chances are your dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and common disinfectants are filled with harmful chemicals. Substitute for non-toxic cleaning agents like: white distilled vinegar, baking soda, tee tree oil, lemon juice, and liquid castile soap.

Purify your H₂O: When exposed to the summer heat, hydration is key. Remove fluoride, heavy metals, and all other harmful contaminants from water using a water filter. Brands like SOMA have elegant, modern designs that look great in any kitchen. Tip: have a new filter auto-ship every 3 months so you never forget replace it.

De-Clutter: Toxic energy builds up in messy spaces. De-clutter your home, wardrobe, office, car, storage unit or any other space in your life where you could be harboring negativity or clutter. Ask yourself “do I really need this?” and if so, “why?” Donating used clothes to Goodwill or charity of your choosing can be a great way to send some much-needed positivity back into the Universe.

Window Love: Sunlight is my favorite disinfectant, and powerful source of positive energy or “chi”. Dirty windows affect our ability to see clearly and communicate effectively with the outside world. Ensure your window frames are in good repair and are able to open and close safely. You’ll be amazed at how washing your windows can give you a fresh perspective on life.

Clean A/C Filters: With the mercury rising these last few weeks, there’s no doubt your air conditioner has had some heavy use. Servicing your units and having the filters cleaned/replaced every 3 months is a good way to ensure the air you’re breathing is clean and safe.

Detox your way to a happier, healthy life – start today!

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