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Cooling Down or Warming Up?

The mercury is certainly rising here in New York City! I am often asked by my clients: does interior design REALLY affect our sense of warm/cold in a space and can it be used to reduce the overall energy consumption for of my home? There short answer is YES! Here’s why:

Science has proven there’s a distinct correlation between the colors and materials we see and our perception of temperature. Whether you’re wanting to cool down right now in the Northern Hemisphere, or warm up Down Under, these tips will have you and your family adjusting to the heat (or cold) in no time:


– Cool colors make you feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. Blues, greens, purples, and white can be used to temper the sun’s effect and cool a space. Consider using in entryways or vestibules where relief from the outdoors is particularly favorable or in places where you go to unwind or relax (a natural for bedrooms and bathrooms).

– Use lightweight materials like cotton or linen for bedspreads and curtains. These fabrics breathe and allow for natural ventilation and cooling.

– Emphasize the Water Element: The Feng Shui element of Water is a mysterious and complex element and is a powerful way to attract abundance, purity, and health while cooling your home. Integrate through the use of asymmetrical undulating shapes and fluid curves that evoke images of water and serenity.

– Save on Cooling Costs: Think about your roof. The hotter your roof, the hotter the rooms below. Use light colors and reflective coatings to help reduce electricity bills over the warmer months.

– For more tips on how to Cool Down this Summer using Feng Shui, check out my previous blog: Cooling Down with Feng Shui this Summer.


– Reds, oranges, yellows and gold help create a sense of warmth and coziness, however painting an entire room in these more intense colors can often have a suffocating effect. Try incorporating through accent pillows or a feature wall. Warm colors can be stimulating, making them a good choice for rooms that see a lot of activity.

– Wool and cashmere are cozy, warming fabrics. Consider introducing in the form of a throw or blanket.

– Emphasize the Fire Element! The Feng Shui element of Fire not only warms a space but invigorates our work and personal lives when we’re feeling low, unheard or unseen. It helps ramp up the energy of a space, and can be used to increase productivity in a home office, or romance in the bedroom. Integrate by adding red appliances, candles, or installing a fireplace.

– If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and wanting to warm up , check out my previous blog: Feng Shui Ideas for Winter.

Wishing you and your family a cool summer in the North (or a toasty winter in the South)!

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