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Fabulous Flowers

“I must have flowers, always and always.”

– Claude Monet

Spring is (almost) in the air, bringing with it the promise of longer days, fresh flowers, and balmy nights. In my previous blog – A Simple Guide to Office Plants – we identified plants like peppermint, English ivy and lemon balm as powerful sources of “Wood Energy.” Today, and in the spirit of spring, I’d like to spend some time focusing on the most auspicious parts of plants – FLOWERS!

Flowers represent the “Yang” expression of a plant. From a practical Feng Shui perspective, flowers are simple and effective way to instantly boost the “chi” (energy) of your home. If you’ve been following my blogs, you now know that good chi translates to prosperity, boosted health, and happier interpersonal relationships.

When it comes to selecting the “right” flowers for your space, it helps to think about the purpose of incorporation:

– Boost Your Career: Orchids are “career flowers”, will last for months, and are relatively simple to look after (despite a bad reputation for being “fickle.”) They bring wonderful “career chi” to those who display them within an office, and bestow family luck and harmony when used in living rooms. They are also a strong symbol of fertility.

– Attract Love: While roses certainly are a popular “go-to” for lovers, the Chinese have long held that peonies are the true flowers of romance. It is said that singles who wish to marry should display a vase of red peonies at all times (this in reality may be quite difficult given that peonies are typically only available a few weeks each year).

– Tempt Potential Buyers: Chrysanthemum flowers are the symbol for a balanced, care-free life and is an appropriate flower to place in the center or grounding area of your home. Their strong “yang” energy is great for attracting good luck (and potential buyers when used in conjunction with some savvy home staging).

– Overcome Adversity: Flowering branches (whether they are plum, cherry, or peach branch) represent longevity and overcoming adversity. These winter bloomers remind us to persist in times of darkness and gloom.

– Purify the Air: According to NASA, peace lilies are an effective way to neutralize common household pollutants and cleanse the air. They also smell divine!

Reminder: Dried Flowers represent dead “chi”, making them unsuitable for elevating the energy of a space. Plastic Flowers are neutral at best, and typically discouraged.

Handy Tip: Get to know the vendors at your local flower market and find out which days they receive their fresh flower deliveries. The flower district in New York City (on 28th street between 6th and 7th avenues) receives fresh flowers in Mondays and Wednesdays only. Set an alarm and get there early!

Well? What are you waiting for? SPRING INTO IT! And as always, happy decorating.

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