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Holiday Feng Shui

It is hard to believe, but the holidays are upon us once more! Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, or simply heralding in the New Year, December is a wonderful time of year to showcase your home while entertaining friends and family. Eliminate stress, boost holiday happiness, and let the good “chi” flow with these 6 festive Feng Shui tips from yours truly:

– Balance the Elements: Holiday décor is conventionally a mixture of reds (fire element) and greens (wood element). When in excess, red’s fire energy will burn up your personal energy and that of your home. For a calmer space, try integrating tranquil blues (water element) and peaceful whites (metal element) to reduce/control the fire and enhance overall serenity. The addition of items like pine cones in your decor is something that will become earth upon disintegration and a wonderful way to introduce the earth element if needed.

– Hang with a Smile: Position lights and garlands so they hang upwards with a “smile.” Decorations with ends that droop in the downward direction create a subconscious feeling of sadness.

– Decorate Together: Recruit the whole family to help decorate the house. You can even welcome holiday visitors by asking them to add a decoration to your Christmas tree. It’s a wonderful way to infuse positive energy and intent throughout the home.

– Position Your Tree with Intent: Christmas trees are large, powerful objects that can be imbued with intention for directing energy towards something you desire. Position your tree in the South East bagua region to attract wealth or in the North West to attract love.

– Living Plants: Poinsettias, daffodil bulbs, and amaryllis plants enhance your home by nourishing wood energy. They make great gifts and are cherished because of their natural beauty and color. They’re also amazing air purifiers!

– Practice Gratitude: No matter how you celebrate the end of the year, be sure to approach 2017 with a sincere feeling of gratitude (i.e. gratefulness for what we have received and what we will receive). Gratitude enhances our wellbeing and welcomes abundance.

Deck the halls with Feng Shui and enjoy the harmony and balance it will bring to your environment! Happy Holidays from my family to yours…

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