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Color Trends for 2017 – IFDA

On Monday, 22 August 2016, I had the pleasure of attending “NY NOW,” a design industry show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The presentation and panel discussion were sponsored by the IFDA’s (International Furnishings and Design Association) New York Chapter and explored the hottest interior design color trends for 2017!


Nicki Gondell and Jerry Delova from Trend House presented for Italian Lab on the topic of Spring/Summer 2017 color trends. They identified 5 top trends and color stories:

– Suburban: This does not refer to your typical Long Island suburb. Rather, think of an embellished European countryside style expressed through florals, tapestry, denim and homemade lace/crochet. A retreat from the fast-paced, high-tech world of immediate gratification we all live in.

– Caribbean: Bright, tropical colors feature strongly here influenced predominantly by Cuba. Think colonial decadence, tropical luminescence, travel artefacts, patterned tiles and surface textures (predominantly reptile and crocodile patterns). Sun-aged colors give the impression that items were assembled, and treasured, over time.

– Coastal: These calmer tones are watered down and more organic in nature. Think in terms of green blues, moss colors, pure stone, bleached metallic accents, suede textures, beach glass and water marks.

– Mineral: This is a continuation of the idea that real comfort is not achieved from a weekend of shopping, but through the addition and fullness of time. This is expressed through sun-bleached colors, opal translucence, oxidation, liquid crystal, copper reflections and metallics (especially cozy and comfortable tones of copper and bronze).

– Color Up: Like the Caribbean colors, these tones are bright and infused with positivity, with a few sharp geometric shapes thrown in for good measure. Think clean, toned-down complementary colors, slightly muted single-color tonals and graphic surfaces.

FALL 2017

Stacy Garcia, a textile and furniture designer for her own self-named firm, called her presentation “Color Crush” – referencing the idea that the home décor travels at a slower pace than the fashion scene. Here, she emphasized that clients typically want to see a blurring of the seasons represented within their homes (since it’s harder to change a sofa than it is a shirt). Stacy identified 5 top trends for Fall 2017, similar in overall theme and feeling to the prior presentation:

– Twilight Depths: Darker and more saturated blues and charcoals teamed with bronze metallic create a richer, more decadent elegance.

– Nature’s Neutrals: The opportunity for beige and the colors of late fall come alive here for those who crave it. Continued, simple elegance can be achieved through the layering of natural organic colors – mushroom, nutty browns and grass-cloth wall coverings.

– Soul Revival: There’s no shine here, with richness achieved through tone rather than metallics. Welcome the 70s back with rich, saturated gold, khaki green and tangerine. Eggplant purples and matte finishes are a must!

– Tales of the Forest: This represents a continuation of the theme of nature and deep-forest tones in the form of moss/lichen saturated greens. Exotic woods are given a new feel through bleaching, burning and distressing. Reconnect with Mother Earth through fringes, textured leather and “Forest Bathing” (a new Japanese trend all about reconnecting with nature to improve our emotional health).

– Uninhibited Pastels: Choose sophisticated pastels that are slightly dirtied and set against rich charcoals. Give greys a lavender base and juxtapose with soft cashmere. Gender bender blurring of color themes is also key here.

As you can see, the new color concepts expressed by each of the presenters do not represent a reckless jumping from trend to trend, but rather a mature evolution of color and style. Each of the color forecasters expressed the need to step away from the madness of our 24/7 world, and take a moment to appreciate the quiet and cozy aspects of life and the natural world. 2017 is already shaping up to be a wonderful year in color!

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