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Cool Down with Feng Shui this Summer

Summer is well and truly here – HALLELUJAH! In Feng Shui, we associate summer with a powerful form of Yang energy – Fire! Yin and Yang represent the ever-present polarity that exists naturally within our world (male/female, cold/hot, land/air, north/south, winter/summer… you get the idea). Fire / Yang energy brings with it heat, confidence, creativity and flair. However, an excess of this energy can leave us feeling hot, flustered and angry. Creating opposition and polarity is a key technique you can use to counteract this excess within your home and stop yourself from burning out over the warmer months.

For an instantly cooler home this summer:

– Add Element Colors: Fire element colors such as reds, oranges and some yellows require wood element colors, such as blue/green to stay in balance. Change your tablecloths, placemats, bed sheets and cushions to a cooler color such as blue or light purple.

– Go Green: Introduce green potted plants to help soften your home. During summer we often keep the windows closed with the air conditioner blasting. Living plants help cleanse the air around us by removing toxins and absorbing the summer heat.

– Calming Crystals: Integrate cooling crystals throughout your home. Purple amethyst is fantastic for reducing intense or angry feelings and removing negative/stagnant energy.

– Make a Splash: Think creatively about introducing water to your home somehow. A mini water-fountain or outdoor pond are two of my favorite tricks.

– Clear the Clutter: Removing or reducing clutter is a wonderful way to quickly extinguish excess fire energy. Pay special attention to junk drawers and disorganized closets. Remember, the cleaner the surface, the better the flow of energy.

– Revitalize Your Deck: Give your wooden surfaces a much needed sand/stain and invest in some quality outdoor furniture. Using an outdoor grill? Keep it clean and in good condition throughout the summer.

– Re-Energize Your Home: Heading away on vacation? Your empty home can become passive over time, and attract negativity through an excess of Yin energy. To counteract this, set lights and radios to turn on periodically using timers. This trick will deter burglars too!

– Look Up: Do you have ceiling fan directly over your bed or in the living room? Its harsh, corkscrew energy often causes pain and illness. Balance its negative effects by hanging a crystal from the pull-chain to symbolically lessen the cutting force overhead.

Wishing all of my readers a wonderful, warm, and energetically balanced summer!

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