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Feng Shui-Friendly Halloween Decor!

Halloween energy can be beautiful in your home. You can have fun decorating for Halloween by incorporating two colors, which we usually don’t recommend in large amounts, which are black and orange.

The simple answer is that there’s no need to worry about ruining the positive Feng Shui of a home if you follow a few simple decorating guidelines for balancing the Five Elements. As with all areas of life and of the year, balance of the elements is at the basis of creating spaces that nurture and support us.

Orange, an Earth Element, is called the “social color,” representative of enthusiasm. Using lots of orange decorations promotes conversation and communication, which is especially auspicious to assure a lively and festive Halloween for the whole family. Orange pumpkins, leaves, and candles should be included in your Halloween and Thanksgiving surroundings.

Black is the Water Element color and represents the flow on energy, so it’s best used by the front of your home. The front door is considered the “Mouth of Chi” in Feng Shui where all positive energy enters, and this is the ideal place for the Water Element.

Lighting is also a major tool of Feng Shui, and for Halloween this could be as simple as lighting your front door with a lighted jack-o-lantern. Using orange and black candles throughout your home is also a great idea, except in your Marriage/Relationship gua. Candles bring the warm energy of light and social energy.

Amongst the animal symbols of Halloween, the most auspicious to use in your decorating are owls. Decorate with them around your front door or peering out of a window and they can help to turn away bad energy from entering your "Mouth of Chi", leaving space for all of the lively festive energy of the holiday to enter.

Halloween is also a great time for aromatherapy of the season, as well. Our cooking smells at this time of year tend toward the scent of warm, nourishing soups, and the use of nutmeg and cinnamon in our pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread, treats and more.

Historically, All Hallow's Eve, was viewed as the one single and special day when spirits are said to be free to wander and roam our world and even try to cause of bit of mid-fall mischief in their wake. And with all this potential for misbegotten magic hanging heavily in the autumn air, Halloween is simply THE perfect time to offer a big amount of protection to our littlest Hershey's hustlers, and let their joy and laughter bring joy and auspicious energy into our homes.

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