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Welcome the Fall with Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, fall is the season of the Metal element, which signifies “contracting” action: consolidation, fall harvest and a sense of completion in the cycle of the year. In the autumn we rev up a period of more "yin" energy; a period of slower; more intimate interactions with our environment, as we turn in to focus our energy for the long haul of winter ahead; that period to hibernate.

Spend time in nature, soaking up the last bits of the outdoors and seize the last bits of nature and bring it into the home at this time. Celebrate Fall's harvest; this has always been the time of year to bring in pumpkins, rich beautiful gourds, ruby red apples displayed in a bowl. Festoon your space with the colors of this time of year. Pumpkins and gourds are considered auspicious to attract material goods and wealth. So putting some around your front door invites good chi.

This is an amazing season to add some fall color to our decor. Bring in some of nature's oranges, yellows and rubys by changing out our decorative pillows, sofa throw and table top decor to reflect the season. Just a bit can transform your entire space!

Consider giving the gift of fresh air when you visit friends and family. Beautiful golden yellow mums bloom at this time of year and are a wonderful gift that just keeps giving as they signify gratitude and work to keep our indoor air clean at the same time!

Declutter, clear out the old baggage of summer and go forward with less stress. Clean off kitchen counters, remove old food from the pantry, remove all of the clutter of summer's reminders from around the front door. At this time of year, we want to encourage all of the good energy to our door by allowing it to open freely and look inviting. Clean out your medicine cabinets of all medications that have expired.

Organize your desk or home office space, since you will be spending more time indoors in the coming months. Organize your reading material into baskets with that cozy throw to establish a reading nook.

As you change out your closets for the new season, set aside things you haven't been wearing and donate them. By moving out the old, we make space in our lives for the new.

Always remember that even in the coldest weather, our homes need a bit of fresh air on a regular basis to clear away stagnant energy and keep that flow of good energy into our space.

Host a party! The kitchen is where we cook up health and wealth, symbolic of warm family feelings. When your energy is renewed, you become a relentless life force for good.

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