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Design On A Dime 2015 – My Work In Progress

For 11 years running, Design on a Dime has been New York City’s most popular and reputable interior design benefit. Held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, the 3-day event features over 60 of the world’s top interior designers, whose task it is to create memorable “room vignettes” with new merchandise. All items are donated and then sold for 50-70 percent off the original retail pricing.

Proceeds from the event benefits Housing Works’ newest supportive housing development – the Hull Street Residence. Hull Street is a “from-the-ground-up” housing development project that will transform a vacant 6,000 sq ft. lot into a beautiful and safe home for 26 single, formerly homeless, adults living with HIV/AIDS. Who among us that lived in New York through the onset of this disease cannot be moved by this gesture?

I am proud to belong to an interior design community that acknowledges this societal need in such a way and thrilled to have been selected as a featured designer in their 11th year! My vignette was born in the dregs of winter from a longing and wish for spring. My “Foyer in Bloom” (still contemplating names) uses pastel pinks, blues, creams and greens with the occasional metallic pop.

My Fabulous Donors

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my many fabulous donors. Without their generosity and willingness to contribute, this project just wouldn’t have been possible. A HUGE THANK YOU to:

With the final event taking place next month on April 23, I am excited to see my work come together over the coming weeks. I hope to see you there, scoping out the best of what interior design has to offer. For tickets to the event or to make a donation, head to:

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