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Inviting Love Into Your Home

The lead up to Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to inject new love into your life! Although many consider it a “Hallmark Holiday” of sorts, it’s a great opportunity to not only do something special for your loved one but for yourself as well. Feng Shui helps us “support or enhance various ways of being” including the presence of romantic love in our lives. With these simple tweaks, you can watch love blossom before your very eyes:

First Impressions Count

Our home shows our personality, passions and values. Feng Shui 101? Make a good first impression! Be sure to clear entryways to allow for the clear flow of energy. Keep clutter to a minimum wherever possible. A hall table should have clear surfaces with a fresh bunch of flowers (or some other connection to nature) wherever possible. Avoid artificial flowers and fake candles. Leave noticeable amounts of space in bookshelves, closets and display cases. Vacant space is not just aesthetically pleasing; it sends the signal that you’re “willing to leave your life open to include someone else.”

Colors, Numbers & Pictures

In Feng Shui we consider pink, red and orange to be romantic colors. Pink is more feminine and relates to relationships and love, red evokes passion and sensuality, and orange is associated with exciting new lovers. Numbers are very impressionable to our subconscious minds. Arrange your candles, pillows, and statues in pairs. When it comes to artwork and imagery on display include pictures of friends and family in your living space. Photos of loved ones create a sense of community, support, and belonging — but keep them out of the bedroom. The bedroom is for lovers, not for pictures of Grandma!

In the Bedroom…

The bedroom is the space for rest and love, thus it is one of the most critical rooms to look at for a romantic relationship. Your bed should have a solid headboard that’s securely attached to the bed and placed against the wall. A stable headboard represents unity and strength in the relationship. Position your bed in such a way that there is equal and balanced space on both sides. Nightstands should be of equal weight and height on either side of the bed. Got a TV in your bedroom? GET RID OF IT! Not only does it suck the life force out of you while you’re sleeping, it also takes the attention away from you and your partner. Try experimenting with warm and sultry colors in the bedroom. I’m a huge fan of chocolate browns, rich burgundy and tranquil tones of blue and purple.

With these simple tweaks, you too can foster love and romance in your life!

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