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Salt Block Installation

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A few months ago, I was asked to redesign a home office for a former client. These are just the kind of projects we designers are thrilled to do — creating new and exciting spaces for past clients that made working a pleasure!

This particular client recently began a new business venture that he was running from his home office. We both agreed this warranted the need to clear away the old predecessor “chi” that was inhibiting the space. What better way to do this than with a new, fresh look!

The new business is a holistic spa treatment center for the lungs where you spend a half hour inhaling mist infused with dry salt therapy. It’s a healing remedy that’s terrific for allergies, asthma, sinus infections and coughs. It’s a particularly popular approach to wellness as there is no traditional medication needed. The spas are called Breathe Easy and are located in and around New York City.

My client wanted his office space to have both a small salt booth for personal use and to incorporate the salt blocks used in his commercial spaces. Visually, the salt blocks are a luminous, orange color when backlit. From a Feng Shui perspective, they are representative of the EARTH element, and will help ground and stabilize the new business venture. I incorporated the beautiful and balancing METAL element using bespoke brass shelves that were inset into the wall. The WATER element was added with the swirling pattern of the panel placed over his desk and through the use of a water fountain in the adjacent courtyard outside. We planted a garden to introduce the WOOD element to the outdoor courtyard and provide a much needed connection to nature. This will be particularly beautiful in the spring.

When it comes to designing home office spaces, it’s important to factor in the personality of your client. My client is a FIRE personality, so of course, the backlighting behind the salt blocks was critical for balancing and supporting his energy.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished project. By clearing away the old chi, incorporating the signature salt blocks and balancing the Feng Shui elements, my client’s new office is ready to support his new business as it sails into the stratosphere!

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