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Dressing Rooms: The New Luxury

Last week I attended an elaborate and informative seminar hosted by Christopher Peacock and Jenn-Air Appliances. Peacock is the firm notable for his dressing rooms designed for the stars: think Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey.

Christopher Peacock is the leader in the design and manufacturing of premium lifestyle products for the home. Specializing in fitted furniture, interior paint products and spectacular hardware, Peacock’s work has included some of the most luxurious private estates across the globe.

Needless to say, Americans are quick to mimic their favorite Hollywood celebrities when it comes to their home interiors. The current trend towards much more elaborate dressing rooms, especially in upscale New York apartments, is skyrocketing, with budgets for custom designs coming in at $75K- $150K.

High-end developers have certainly jumped on the trend as well, creating "his and hers" versions in the upper-crust New York buildings being constructed. That clientele wants to find all of their wants and needs already installed into prospective spaces before they make an offer. Affluent buyers are looking for that “turn key” purchase.

As a matter of fact, they seem to favor the dressing room over the wine cellar, the cigar humidor, and even the kitchen to some degree. The dressing room, with an adjacent master bath, is the current, ultimate luxury in new home design and renovation.

“A woman’s dressing room should be totally glamorous, opulent and girly.” – Christopher Peacock

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