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Faraway Feng Shui

As an interior designer, friends are sometimes hesitant to ask for free help. I had the pleasure of being hosted by my close friends Vera and Mathias in Cologne, Germany, last summer. When they asked for some interior design and Feng Shui advice this winter, delivered remotely, it was my pleasure to give it.

They wanted to remodel their living room to give it a more modern update: fireplace, hearth, wall built-ins, flooring, and furniture. At the same time, they asked me to help them incorporate the draperies, family heirloom carpets, and artwork that they love.

During the course of my training in Feng Shui, I was taught how to handle “remote”

consultations. I am a firm believer that you can offer useful design advice working with just floorplans and photos, especially if you have seen the space firsthand, and know how the residents need the home to function.

By placing the bagua over the space, we were able to find ways to support the family within the space AND keep the energy flowing in a healthy way.

This space has windows on two sides, which causes the energy that flows into the home to flee right out again. One way of slowing that outflow, is to lay carpet runners along the floor. Another solution is hanging crystals in the windows to cause that energy to bounce back into the space.

Their cat is a dear member of the family, so her “cat tree” in front of the window

allows for her to have a special spot from which to watch the world outside, as well

as encourage the chi to pause there.

The home’s spaceious garden, right outside of the glass doors, also brings nature into the home, supporting the wealth and prosperity gua with wood energy. In warm weather the doors open onto the patio for dining alfresco.

As I usually find, labors of love have a wonderful conclusion for everyone. Vera and

Mathias have the new modern update that they wanted and I feel terrific for helping

them achieve it.

**Note: We negotiated to have the white leather sofa remade. When it was

delivered, the chaise was on the wrong side! As I write this, the correct version is still on order.

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