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Changing The Chi Of Your Life, Seminar by William Spear

On Sunday I attended a lecture given by William Spear, sponsored by my friend and mentor, Maureen Calamia of Luminous Spaces.

His way of looking at the practice of Feng Shui has come from a long career andis most understandable to those of us with a “Western” mindset. I was entranced at the way he delivered his talk to us: six hours with no technology, with a barely an utterance of the words “feng shui.” He used only a pad on an easel and some markers and we couldn’t have been MORE engaged!

Spear is a strong believer in the benefits of macrobiology, and the controlone has on their own personal destiny that comes from simply understandingour environment. He spoke very eloquently on the subjects of diet, holistic intervention for post-trauma (whether natural disasters or personal illness), and adapting to our environments in the way we eat.

We delved into his concept of the “one gate of chi” being our mouths, where hefeels that what we feed ourselves will reflect in all areas of life. This includes how clearly we receive our intuition’s messages, something that every feng shui practitioner NEEDS in the proper practice of their work.

At its core, he believes that Feng Shui is “the art and science of the arrangementof the residences of the living and the dead in harmony with the cosmic forces.” In other words, respecting the placement of our ancestors will reflect positively on their descendants.

We are taught that Feng = Wind, and Shui=Water. Spear elaborated that Feng = Wind = Life Force. At its most basic, another way of looking at Wind is Breath: the most basic element of life. Shui = Water. What is another liquid essential to life? Blood. It must flow in order for there to be life. “The dao of life is carried by our blood,” which is another reason to consider carefully what we feed ourselves.

As Albert Eistein said, “your intuition is more important than your intellect.”

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