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International Furnishings and Design Association Event

Group Photo (Left to Right): Charles Pavarini of Pavarini Design, Event sponsor Lana Lener of DLFNY, Event speaker Linnea Tillett, and Executive Managing Director of Newel Guy Regal.

The Designers Lighting Forum of New York City (DLFNY) is an organization that explores and presents new techniques in the power of lighting in design. For over 80 years the DLFNY has been providing people the opportunity to meet and experience the wonders of lighting in New York City. Each month the DLFNY chooses an esteemed authority on the art of lighting design to present their thoughts on the impact of lighting in design. This month I had the privledge of hearing Doctor Linnaea Tillett speak about the poetry of the home.

Doctor Linnaea Tillett shared some of her expertise on how lighting has impacted the way we view our homes over the ages. Linnaea’s innovative approach to lighting takes into account all the psychological effects of light. It’s always interesting to learn more about the way design changes and effects human nature.

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