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How Home Staging Adds Major Value to Your Home

When it comes to furniture, positioning is everything. Be it in our homes, offices or the places we spend our spare time. The things that surround us effect our emotions and sense of being. Feng Shui (literally translated as “wind-water”) is the philosophy that the proper placement of furniture brings harmony to our lives.

Brokers take prospective clients to countless homes that satisfy every “must-have” perfectly, yet the buyer will be apprehensive over something they can’t describe. Clients are instructed that each house be judged on its bones, rather than the color of the walls or furniture design. Buyers, however, rarely forgive something unsettling about a property.

When people decide on a house, their initial emotions can be based on a reaction to the furniture arrangement. They should feel immediately comfortable when they first walk into a house on the market, and the proper staging of rooms can give the entire space that final edge needed to make the sale.

Home Staging is not about reworking or reinventing the space. A proper staging will improve upon what is already present while introducing new elements to highlight the beauty of the space. A good home staging should make shoppers think that a clean, harmonious life is waiting for them once they buy.

There is nothing more powerful than a buyer’s emotional response when they first walk through the door. When someone enters a properly staged home, it sells itself.

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