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LOCATION:  Upper West Side, Manhattan NY

AGENT:  The Zweben Group of Douglas Elliman


Clutter was the enemy when attemping to sell this apartment, any potential buyer wouldn't be able to see the potential in its current condition with piles of clutter everywhere, clothes piled on top of dressers, the children's toys all over every room and the foyer filled to the brim with strollers, roller blades and shoes.

The first thing we did was book a storage facility and boxes. We began packing up all of the extraneous stuff, separating out a great deal for donation and packing the rest for the upcoming move. Then we moved on to effectiing small repairs and painting where needed. Using mostly what was already in the home, we re-arranged, re-purposed and began creating a more generic, sleek look, making sure that each space reflected the type of client we expected to be searching for a home just like this one. It's a beautiful apartment, it had just gotten lost under the debris of a busy life.



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