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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

If you’ve ever renovated a kitchen or bathroom then you know how daunting it is to pick a tile. Afterall, it’s a design choice that often dominates the room and makes an impact on the overall feel. For this week’s blog we’re talking about what’s trending in the world of tile through the lens of Feng Shui and Elemental balance.

Ribbed Wood Look Tile is not only in right now, but it could be a perfect way to balance the abundance of Water Element that is in a bathroom. Remember that Earth Element slows and blocks Water, creating harmony in this case. Wood look tile is an easy way to bring that Earth energy in. My favorites are the Enso Ribbed Oak and Kenridge Ribbon Maple by tilebar.

Terrazzo Effect Tile is a beautiful way to add texture to your bathroom. And with real terrazzo being so expensive, Mandarin Stone offers the terrazzo look in porcelain. I love the Shard Green Porcelain Tile that they offer; it’s an eye-catching Terrazzo effect tile that combines large angular ‘shards’ with colorful & playful base colors. For something a little more subtle, I recommend the Zappa Pink Porcelain Tile.

Sculpted Tile will set any space apart. The texture and depth that this method of tiling brings is perfect for a statement wall anywhere in the home. Artistic Tile’s Alison Rose Zephyr Bianco Carrara Dimensional Field is truly a work of art that features sleek dimensional tile inlaid with brass line curves. From a Feng Shui perspective this is the perfect tile to add to a room that desperately needs Metal Element. If you’re looking to add Wood Element to a room then I highly recommend the Colorplay Inflex Teal Green 3D Glazed Crackled Ceramic Tile from tilebar.

Cement Tile is the way to go if you have your heart set on painted tile. I love Zia Tile, specifically their Los Feliz White + Black design. Each tile is handmade and inherently unique, creating a texture that can’t be replicated. Because of the way that it’s made the cement tile has a matte finish, perfect if you want something a bit more rustic and unpolished. It goes perfectly with raw wood cabinets!

Although each tile trend I listed is unique in their own way, what they have in common is personality. I’m a very big advocate in decorating our homes that reflect who we are rather than trying to fit, in this case, what a kitchen or bathroom should look like. Have fun! Live in your space loudly and proudly.



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