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A Sink of Your Own

For those looking to take the road less traveled in kitchen remodeling, I highly suggest looking for a kitchen sink made out of something other than stainless steel. While it dominated the market in years past, other materials are breaking through in popularity such as concrete, quartz, colored stainless, and stone. With customization being the word of the day, it’s easier than ever to find a unique kitchen sink that fits your remodel!


  • Extremely durable

  • A more affordable option compared to natural stone

  • Allows you to combine the sink and vanity top for a seamless look

  • Customizable to any shape or size because it is made from a custom mold

  • Fairly low maintenance and easy to repair

We recently installed this custom integrated sink and countertop into a project where we wanted to work with the existing cabinetry. Having the flexibility to customize the sink size and depth to retrofit it into the space was important, so concrete was the way to go! We worked with local fabricator, Brooks Custom, to make this product. It looks amazing, is easy to care for, and adds elegance to this small apartment kitchen.


  • Resistant to stains, scratches, smudges and color fading

  • Gives you the option for bold sink colors

  • Limited in sizing and shape

Respected sink maker Elkay always can be depended upon for quality products. Their quartz sink options give you a range of colors, sizes and styles to choose from! A great way to add warmth and tone to your new kitchen, whether new or updated.

Colored Stainless

  • The stainless steel is overlaid with a colored nano-PVD finish that is resistant to wear and abrasion.

  • The finish has a matte texture that is fingerprint and stain resistant.

  • Allows you to match the color with your hardware finishes

  • Limited in sizing and shape

For those looking to really step up without leaving their comfort zone entirely, matte gold finished stainless can give you a bit of both worlds. With colored stainless, it’s possible to match or contrast with hardware for a more customized look. Ruvati is a well known and respected option for these finishes in your next sink.

Custom Stone

  • Each sink is carved from a single block of natural stone, Making it a unique and beautiful feature.

  • Heavy on maintenance. It is recommended to Wipe the basin dry with a soft cloth after each use, Clean regularly with a special granite or marble cleaner and to reseal once or twice per year.

  • Limited in sizing and shape

Nothing can beat the elegance of nature in your kitchen like a natural stone sink from a maker like Stone Forest. Their sinks give a nod to natural stone, which brings biophilia in our homes.



Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Click on the links below for package details:

A design collaboration done between client and designer done entirely o​nline. Purchase the package below, submit photos of the space and existing furnishings you like to see incorporated in the design and a sketch of the space with measurements.

Need some assistance in selecting paint finishes for your home? A design collaboration done between client and designer done entirely online. Purchase the package below, submit photos of the space and and fabrics.

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. When the time comes to sell or rent your home, ease the transition and maximize return by helping your home look its very best.

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