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The 9 Essential Chi Adjustments

You don’t need to remodel your kitchen or remove walls to improve the energy of your home. The Nine Essential Chi Adjustments, detailed here in this blog, are powerful interior design tools used to shift energy and remedy Feng Shui issues (such as missing Bagua regions, tight spaces, acute angles, or irregular shapes and lines).

With each of the Nine Essential Chi Adjustments, your INTENTION gives them POWER:

1) Art/Color: There’s nothing that transforms a space quite like color. When used correctly, color enhances the potency and quality of energy to remedy regions of the Bagua that might be otherwise lacking. Color can be simply integrated through the use of a feature wall, accent pillows, furnishings, slip covers, and art. The symbolic meaning of the art in your home is also import. Placing a picture of a couple silhouetted on the beach is a powerful message to someone who’s looking for a relationship.

9 Essential Chi Adjustments: Art / Color

2) Crystals: The word “crystal” comes from the Greek work “krystallos” meaning “frozen light.” They come in many different forms and serve a variety of different functions. Hang clear faceted crystal in your window to attract the sun. Use amethyst or quartz to stabilize and ground you, or to heal your heart. Check out my previous blog: A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals.

3) Moving Objects: Colorful flags and mobiles stir up energy and activate chi in a beautiful and ethereal way. Place by windows facing inwards so they catch the wind.

4) Lighting: Since Feng Shui is all about energy, and light is the strongest manifestation of energy, lighting has a dominant influence in the quality of chi in our home. Balance up-lights (torchieres, sconces), and ambient lighting (table lamps, directional bulbs) to support conversation and relaxation. Group lights in threes, and install dimmer switches wherever possible. Check out my previous blog: Light Me Up: A Simple Guide to Feng Shui Lighting.

5) Mirrors: Often called the “Asprin of Feng Shui,” mirrors have unique capabilities and auspicious properties. Use whole mirrors to multiply the energy of a space, bounce incoming light, and create the illusion of extra space. Check out last week’s blog: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.

9 Essential Chi Adjustments: Mirrors

6) Living Things: Plants and flowers represent Wood Energy and are living adjustments that bring vibrant chi into a space. Potted plants can be used to remediate even the worst floor plan issues, while flowers bring colorful life to any room (check out my previous blog: Fabulous Flowers). Well-loved pets represent the Fire Element and are a natural source of positive living energy too.

7) Grounding Objects: Solid objects, such as a big plant, large stone, or an extra-heavy piece of furniture, anchor positivity and will give you strength and stability when you feel frazzled or directionless. A sturdy headboard is another great way to protect and nurture you while you sleep.

9 Essential Chi Adjustments: Grounding Objects

8) Water Features: Water fountains and fish tanks are quick and easy ways to introduce the Water Element to your home. Flowing water generates a sense of movement and will boost your wealth chi when flowing towards, rather than away from, your home; while the tinkling sound of a fountain is a natural strategy for lowering stress. Check out my previous blog: Make a Splash: How to Decorate with the Water Element.

9) Sound Makers: Resonating sounds change the vibration of negative chi and can adjust an inauspicious flow of energy. Wind chimes, Tibetan bells, and meditation bowls are classic way to generate positive energy in areas that otherwise feel stale or lifeless.

You’ll be surprised at how even the smallest adjustment goes a long way. Try these adjustments for yourself or consult a certified Feng Shui practitioner.

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