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Joyous Holiday Decorating with Feng Shui

The holiday season is upon us! How we approach the season can have an impact on every area of our lives as we transition into 2016. Whether you’re decorating with a Menorah or Christmas tree, the objects you bring into your home will represent energy. The former adds fire to the room, while the latter brings growth and color, creating a pleasant environment for family to gather.

As you decorate, be conscious about using the Feng Shui Bagua to help. Place it over the entry of the room and use the attributes of each area to guide you in altering the room’s energy by selecting the areas where you place your decorations:

  • Green for family growth

  • Red for illumination and clarity

  • Pink for strengthening relationships

  • White or metal for intuition and joy

  • Purple for abundance

  • Blue for spirituality and self knowledge

  • Yellow for grounding and good health

So, what can we place into the Guas to enhance that area?

  • Career: Items in black or very dark colors, glass/crystal items, water features. Be sure to allow for some quiet time for reflection and renewal, as well. Perhaps a walk outside? Water allows you to refresh and recharge.

  • Wisdom: Earthy items, the colors of blues, greens, plants (great location for Christmas tree)

  • Family/Ancestry: Floral arrangements or art depicting vibrant flowers, photos of family(great gathering spot for family). This wood element area in important to enhance our resiliency and decision making; important for keeping cool!

  • Wealth: Opulent items in the purple color spectrum and healthy, round leaf plants (great location for presents and dark leafed plants, as it’s also a wood element)

  • Fame: Red colors, items representing the fire element with candles and lighting and tall conical shapes. Fire is warm and passionate; about connection with others. Bring that feeling to every gathering of the season!

  • Relationships: Pairs of items, art or photos depicting romance, reds, and pinks

  • Creativity: White and pastel colors, metal items, whimsical art, pictures of children. Metal reaches deep into our core and taps into our true essence, bringing joy to everything we do. Tapping into our gratitude is a great way to start!

  • Benefactors/Helpful People: Art or figures pertaining to spiritual guides, angels, metal and colors of white, black or grey

  • Health: Ceramics, yellow colors, earth tones, and rectangle shapes. The Earth element brings stability and groundedness; allowing us to feel supporting and nurturning. What better to bring to the holidays and every day?

Decorations already up? No worries, take a look at the Bagua and tweak a few adjustments to enhance the areas that you want to work on. Sort of your New Year’s resolutions lists, if you will. As you can imagine, your holiday decorations can fit easily in all these areas. Christmas trees work well in Wisdom, Family, and Health, but because of all the colors, lights, garland and ornaments can represent all of the elements and act as five element displays wherever they are placed. This is a win – win! Menorahs representing fire enhance the Fame/Reputation area, but like the Christmas tree, depending on the colors and what it is made of, they can also hold all of the elements. You really can’t go wrong with holiday decorations!

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