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Feng Shui Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Retreat

Have you been feeling exhausted, drained or unmotivated at work? Perhaps you are not resting properly. Getting a good night’s sleep is integral to how we approach every day of our lives, and one that I take into consideration when helping clients design their bedrooms.

At it’s core, Feng Shui is the art and practice of placement; the auspicious placement of furnishings to create flow is the essence of my design practice. Of all the spaces in our homes, the master bedroom is one of the most important. This private sanctuary should be designed to restore your spirit and separate you from the normal everyday stresses. It should have less energy, and the chi should flow smoothly to have a peaceful rest and romance.

Follow these tips to successfully bring positive energy, relaxing sleep, and a satisfying love life to your bedroom:

Elementally Soothing Colors

“Earth” tones (Cream, Pale Yellow, and Peach) and pastel “Wood” element colors ( blues and greens) create the desired relaxing atmosphere. Keep the bright colors in another room, as they can be too stimulating and take away the feeling of serenity.

Balancing Yin and Yang

Water features and paintings give off a strong Yang energy, an energy that keeps you active. Meant to give you a boost during the day, the Yang may disrupt your night’s sleep. Carpeting is softer, more feminine in nature; more yin. It creates a more cozy, comforting atmosphere and encourages chi to linger a bit. Deep, soft pile creates that atmosphere.


Having a headboard is important as it shields and protects you while you sleep. Solid is best, as in upholstered or wood material. This sense of support aids in getting a good night’s sleep.

Vary Light Levels

It is important to welcome the sun rays into your room during the day. At night, have different light arrangements to switch between dimmer and brighter lighting, helping balance your energy levels. Candles also create that homey and cozy environment.


It’s not advisable to have a mirror in your line of vision while you sleep. Like water, mirrors bring energy to the room have the potential to disrupt your rest.


Chi enters through your front door and leaves a room through the window. If your bed is placed underneath one, your energy may weaken over time. You want to have a good window covering (shades or draperies) to cover the windows at night, creating a cocoon for rest.

Bed Position

The ultimate spot is in Command Position, facing the door but not directing in alignment with the entrance. Keeping the door easily in sight will increase your sense of security subconsiously.

Soft Edges

You should opt for round-edged furniture, as rigid corners invite a sharp atmosphere.

Inspiring Art Pieces

Have art that exudes a radiant vibe without being too loud. These visuals should depict what you want to achieve in life. The best place for them is at the foot of your bed so you can wake up inspired.


Keep these devices away as they generate a magnetic field that can disrupt your well being.

Sleeping well and waking rejuvenated allows us to approach the day with an open heart and a positive attitude. And what better way of spotting opportunity and welcoming positive chi is there?

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