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New Things in Bath: The Vanity Area

Clients are asking more and more from their bathrooms these days, particularly in the primary bathroom. Fortunately, there are lots of new and innovative additions that we can make! Our bathrooms have the ability to be not only beautiful, but safe, accessible, functional and hi-tech all at the same time. Which is a lot to pack into a small space, particularly in urban areas!

There has been a trend for some time toward turning the primary bathroom of the home into a zen, spa-like space. The lean toward nature and biophilic design inclusions remain, although these are not the only ways in which design in the bath is innovative. 

For today, let’s focus today on the vanity area and what is on trend.

Medicine Cabinets

There are so many new features when it comes to form and function for medicine cabinets. Several lines are now featuring curved top design as a way of changing up the look, and I also love adding new shapes from a Feng Shui perspective. Robern, a true leader in luxury fixtures for the bath, has several curved shape options in their Murray Hill Collection. Options include frame color, electrical outlets, USB charging ports, interior lighting and magnification mirrors, and more!

In areas where space is tight, and a hinged door opening in your face is a hindrance, why not consider a door that slides – either up or to the side? The Uplift Tech Cabinets, also from Robern, come in a variety of sizing, lit and non-lit options, and a night light in addition to all of the accessories listed above. 

Signature Hardware also has a smaller round cabinet and mirror that can nicely retrofit as a surface mount into an existing bath for a fun and easy mini-update to your look.

Sinks and Vanities

Mounted stand alone sinks are not only ADA compliant for maximum accessibility, but are also popular as a part of the minimal trend. They’re available in clean-lined options as well as looks from traditional porcelain, stone resin composite, and concrete. When it comes to shape and materials, there are a myriad of options out there. I’m loving what I see from Kast Concrete Basins, ADM bathroom, and Signature Hardware. Even West Elm has some beautiful options for the small bath.

If a floating sink isn’t your style, give it some legs! Simplicity in vanity design is seeing a renaissance right now. The most popular being metal open design, whether it’s simple or ornate. Again, the most decorative and luxury versions can be found in the Robern Claudette Vanity. Options include several marble basins and a brass metal base. 

D’Vontz has also long been known for their ornate metal bases, like the Virtus Pedestal Sink available in bronze or black. 

Decorative Vessels

Once again the range of styles go from elegant to fun and funky, often with color leading the way. So depending on your personal taste and overall bathroom style, there are many options available across the price ranges. 

Venerated designer Clodagh has a line of basin options, including this gorgeous option from Trueform Concrete

Then there are amazing copper options from venerable metal artisans Thompson Traders – a true custom piece and many options to suit anyone’s style.

Remember to think about your bathroom in the long term. It’s important to invest in pieces that will serve you for the long run; no matter what your physical capability may be. That’s why I choose to remodel with living in place products. Happy renovating!



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