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Induction Cooking

Like any kitchen appliance, a cooktop is a personal investment, and it’s important to know the different options that are available. Compared to traditional methods like electric and gas, induction isn’t as common, but may be the cooking method for you.

If you have an opportunity to simply scramble some eggs on an induction cooktop, you will be converted to this cooking method. It was truly a revelation for me!

Induction cooktops use electromagnetism to cook food inside the pot or pan creating an electromagnetic reaction between the two. If there is no pot or pan on the burner, just turning the burner on will not generate any heat.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of induction cooking?

The Advantages

  • It can shave up to 50 percent off your average cook times. For example, you can boil a small pot of water in less than two minutes, which is far faster than most gas and electric cooktops.

  • There is more control. Induction burners respond immediately so you can go from a rolling boil down to a simmer in seconds.

  • Induction is the most energy-efficient cooking technology since cooking is faster than traditional stovetop cooking.

  • Requires less ventilation so it's a great solution for city dwellers, or homes where venting outside is not possible.

  • Induction is the safest method of cooking. It's a great option if you live with young children or aging family members since the burner will remain less hot than a regular electric burner.

  • Easy to clean. After you finish cooking, you can wipe your induction surface down right away with a damp cloth or paper. You can place a towel under your cookware to catch splatter.

The Disadvantages

  • Since its relatively new technology, induction can cost more than a standard gas cooktop.

  • You must use cookware with magnetic capability.

  • Because the induction requires electricity to work you will not be able to use the cooktop during a power outage.

  • 220V is required. In older urban city environments some buildings are not wired to accommodate at this time.

What’s out there?

If you’re considering an induction cooktop to replace your current setup, here are some brands that I love.

Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS): Yes, it is possible to get a 48’ range that simply does IT ALL: gas, induction, griddle and sous vide all in one amazing appliance:

Fisher & Paykel: When it comes to versatility, as well as getting "bang for your buck", Fisher & Paykel offers induction cooktops in just about every size possible; from 12" to 36" in both black and stainless steel:

Wolf/Subzero: For those that just love the Wolf/Subzero product lines, there is a range of cooktop options that carry their made in the USA quality.

Monogram: Monogram says they have the fastest boil time in the business. Their induction products are sleek and very high functionality for all types of cooks. I find the 30" size with adjustable spaced burners as a great option for most kitchens.

Personally, I love induction cooking and I truly believe that it’s the future of cooking. It’s safer, more efficient, and accommodates smaller spaces better when compared to gas and electric stovetops.



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