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Custom Furniture: The Ultimate Luxury

When it comes to interior design, what do we consider to be the ultimate luxury? A doorman building, endless amenities or Central Park views? With almost everything attainable with the swipe of a finger and the click of a button, we ask what’s not? Retailers such as Amazon, Target, Ebay and Walmart have all raised the expectation that we can get things in next to no time.

But does “quickly done” translate to “well done”? That depends. With respect to electronics, mass production can mean precision and efficiency. But, when something takes painstakingly long to make, like up to six months for a handmade rug from Nepal, the ultimate luxury is just that – to wait.

Custom furniture is aligned with the ideology that the most beautiful things of the highest quality take time to make. Our recent project designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing a massive 22-foot custom sofa is a timely reminder that in 2021, custom furniture truly is the ultimate luxury!

From Concept to Creation

I was contacted by a couple who were renovating a triplex apartment in Greenwich Village, NYC. They were progressing in stages and contacted me to help finish the ground floor which included a guest room that could double as a home office – all it needed was a built-in desk and custom closets. This portion of the space faced the street with plenty of access to natural light via large windows.

Behind the guest bedroom on the same floor was a long, narrow space anchored by a winding staircase that led to the upper floors, but no with no windows or access to natural light. My new clients wanted to transform this space into a media room/den with an abundance of creative flair. We opted for dramatic modern chandeliers, a custom rosewood wet bar and built-ins, rich navy wall color and a modern carpet in cream and gold. But the real showstopper was to be a 22-foot long custom sofa along the far wall to provide plenty of comfortable seating for guests during movie nights and game days.

Collaborate with the Best

For this piece, we contacted Naula Workshop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Angel Naula has been a close professional colleague and personal friend of mine for many years and I knew that I could trust him with this special and challenging project. Because of the narrow hallways, Angel first came onsite to take measurements and calculate whether we could create the sofa with just one break and still get it in through the door.

Throughout the process, I accompanied my clients to Angel’s workshop where they were could sit on the sofa in production to make sure that the comfort was personalized to their unique specifications. They selected the perfect grey velvet from Romo Fabrics and we designed the ottomans to complement the color of the walls and sofa material.

Installation Day

It was a tight squeeze getting the sofa through the door, but thanks to Angel's meticulous calculations, it all worked out. All that was left was custom photo art from Grey Malin and their fully customized media room was complete. An elegant finale to this impressive custom collaboration!

Inspired to learn more about custom furniture for your home or office?



Julie and her team have a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and functional spaces, focusing on both the physical as well as the emotional well being of your environment. Click on the links below for package details:

A design collaboration done between client and designer done entirely o​nline. Purchase the package below, submit photos of the space and existing furnishings you like to see incorporated in the design and a sketch of the space with measurements.

Need some assistance in selecting paint finishes for your home? A design collaboration done between client and designer done entirely online. Purchase the package below, submit photos of the space and and fabrics.

Whether it is directing the flow of chi through the arrangement of furnishings, design or colors; Julie and her team can help you to create the spaces that support your vision of a balanced life, rich in the areas that matter to you.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression. When the time comes to sell or rent your home, ease the transition and maximize return by helping your home look its very best.

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