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Signature Kitchen Suite Showcase – Napa Valley

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Napa Valley on the West Coast to learn all about Signature Kitchen Suite. The four day event was organized and sponsored by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Manhattan Chapter. Our group consisted of 20 chapter members and design industry colleagues. The presentations were inspiring, and the energy was electric.

Introducing Signature Kitchen Suite by LG

From general appliances, to televisions, laundry and lighting, LG has long been recognized as a high-quality industry leader. Meet Signature Kitchen Suite – LG’s newest offering for luxury kitchen appliances. This tech-smart new kitchen line is in direct response to what I like to call “The MasterChef Effect.” Consumers are becoming more food conscious and proficient in their kitchens, and thus and require greater capacity than ever before. Signature Kitchen is here to help.

The New Luxury: Residential Sous Vides

Signature Kitchen elevates the home cooking experience in a number of notable ways. I was particularly impressed by their inbuilt sous vide cooking systems. “Sous Vide” is French for “under vacuum” and is a clean, and healthy way to cook. It’s also cost effective, great when cooking for large groups and is much simpler than it looks. Signature Kitchen Suite’s 48” pro range elegantly integrates gas burners, induction burners and a built-in sous vide bath.

Keeping it Cool: Wine Refrigeration Systems

Signature Kitchen’s refrigeration systems were also very impressive. Their wine fridges come in a variety of sizes, suitable for every kitchen. From compact, under-counter units to 24” columns that can be configured together. I loved their environmentally sourced grapewood shelving with unstained VOC free finishes. Customizable refrigeration zones make it easy to refrigerate white, red and sparkling wines simultaneously. Presenters also took the time to explain that their UV resistant glass doors and low-level GAL vibration preserves wine quality over time – cheers to that!

Wining and Dining in the Vineyards

What would a trip to Napa Valley be without a little vino? On our last afternoon, the Signature team generously treated us to a private wine tasting event at Trefethen Family Vineyards. We sat on a private terrace as the sun set over the hills of rolling vines – spectacular! We also enjoyed an alfresco lunch by the Culinary Institute of America and final dinner at Don Giovanni of Napa.

Belief is Contagious

Signature Kitchen believes in their quality. And that belief is contagious! This is perhaps best exemplified by their 3-year warranty which promises to replace the product if they can’t fix it within 5 days. I was pleased to see such beautiful finishes across all products. Our clients deserve beautiful matte black stainless and print-proof surfaces, and now, we can give it to them.

Thank you to the entire team at Signature Kitchen for so generously hosting us. Special thanks to our New York region representative Matthew "Mac" Schwartz and NKBA Manhattan President Toni Sabatino for putting this trip together. I can’t wait to share this new range with my clients and colleagues back in New York.

Want to learn more about Signature Kitchen products and how they can be integrated into your current kitchen or new kitchen design? Set up a residential consultation today.



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