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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show - #KBIS2019

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) first launched in 1964 and is North America’s largest annual trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design. It’s the annual convention of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) of which I am a proud and active member. It is sponsored by Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine and produced by Emerald Expositions.

This year, KBIS took us to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. The expansive convention center floor was filled with the latest designs from over 600 leading brands. With over 30,000 industry professionals from all over the world, it is a one-stop-shop, not-to-be-missed experience providing attendees and exhibitors a premier destination to network, exchange ideas, and build their businesses.

I had the honor of not only attending, but also participating in two knockout program sessions:

“Marketing and Branding Yourself to ALL of Your Clients for Living in Place”

On Tuesday February 19th, I served on a panel with Robert August of North Star Synergies and Fred Berns of, which was moderated by Erik Listou, co-founder of the Living in Place Institute. As a certified CLIPP professional, I believe that inclusive design can and should be beautiful design. That same philosophy must be applied to all aspects of marketing and branding design too. The educational panel was well-attended, lively and offered much food for thought.

“The #DesignhoundsKBIS Tour”

The word of social and digital media has revolutionized the way we connect with, access and view design. This year’s inaugural #DesignhoundsKBIS Tour replaced the beloved traditional Designhounds Blog Tour and was a product of Modenus design resource. Together with other reputable bloggers and interior design influencers from around the country we were given inside access to tour sponsors and products.

Designhounds show sponsors included:

  • Lamps Plus: Beautiful, layered lighting powerfully impacts the overall energy and mood of our homes. Lamps Plus is an American-based high-end lighting retailer with over 40 store locations nationwide. At KBIS they showcased their gorgeous, well-priced product lines. Once again, I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of their designs. Things like flexibility of use, bulb options and installed charging stations in table lamps make this brand a major go-to resource.

  • Wellborn Cabinet: Based out of Ashland, Alabama, Wellborn has been providing clients with top-quality, American-made storage solutions since 1961. Once you see the product, it’s easy to understand that almost 70% of their cabinets are painted (as opposed to stained wood). Their colors are simultaneously vibrant, beautiful and bold! I have often found inspiration for design work starting with color. Their colorful KBIS vignette had me bursting with inspiration. Additionally, all of their interior hinges, lighting and mechanics are by Hafele - a brand I love to use because of their superior quality.

  • Thermador: Well-known for their amazing cooling and refrigeration systems, Thermador are industry leaders in the creation of the “connected home.” We got “hands-on” with their Pro-Range collection, watching an array of captivating demonstrations and sampling delicious bites from celebrity chef Curtis Stone. I especially loved the glass care cen