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Your Guide to Feng Shui Flooring

There are myriads of options when it comes to what to put on your floors. But do you ever think about it from an energy perspective? No, I don't mean your utility bill, I mean from a Feng Shui point of view. The material used on what is underfoot has an impact of what type of energy you are inviting into your home in the same way that your furnishings, colors and other decorating materials do.

When I design a space that can nurture and support my clients, I begin by referencing the Five Elements. What elements are the people living that this space, what elements need to be supported, enhanced or quieted?

Ceramic tile, brick and honed (matte finished) stone are earth element. Terrific for someone who is an Earth element personality, but also great for a space where there is an over abundance of Water element (either in furnishings or personality) or to enhance or support Metal element.

Polished stone (marble or granite, terrazzo) are Metal Element, bamboo or wood flooring are (naturally) Wood Element. Use of an element is particularly appropriate with a client that IS that element, but also can work with balancing the needs of more than one person living in the spaces I create. And, it's always important to create a balance of elements in a space, as well, for the best visual interest and to create the type of comfort that makes one want to linger.

Then, you also have the need to balance Yin and Yang in your interior spaces. Hard floorings are more Yang, and tend to speed up the movement of chi (energy) through a space. Sometimes that is good, but we don't want it to be too fast, or the good energy entering the the Mouth of Chi departs before depositing the best possibilities it can.

Carpeting is softer, more feminine in nature; more Yin. It creates a more cozy, comforting atmosphere, and encourages chi to linger a bit. Deep, soft pile creates that atmosphere.

Does your space need a little Fire? Add a cowhide floor covering or an animal print pattern. Great for revving up the romance in a bedroom space!

Our flooring selections are as much a reflection of our personalities as all of our decor decisions. What element are you?

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