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Investing in Your Summer Airbnb

Between tough economic times and the expensive grip that hotels have in New York City, Airbnb has been extremely popular not only for those visiting the city but also New Yokers looking to rent out a second apartment or a room in their own apartment for extra money. Give your tenants an unforgettable New York experience by creating an inviting space while having peace of mind yourself. Here are a few tips to ensure your Airbnb is everything you had hoped for:

Create an Inviting Space: Get the most out of your rental by providing a bona fide oasis in the city. A clean space with good energy and inviting colors will keep guests happy during their stay, netting you better reviews which are key to a healthy Airbnb profile. Hiring an interior designer like myself to create this space for you is a worthwhile investment, as the value provided will be reflected in the higher rate you will be able to rent out your apartment for.

Choosing Decor: Make your apartment as neutral as possible, removing any sort of religious iconography, personal/sentimental possesions, or any political decor you may have. Your guest is looking for a hotel experience, so though you may still be able to channel your personality into the space, too much may make your guest uncomfortable. That said, do be sure to treat your guest to scented candles, luxury shampoo, clean linens and other nice details. They will thank you for it!

Housing the Right Guests: Choosing the right guests is important. You want to make sure they will be easygoing, respectful of your neighbors and easy to work with. If a guest seems to be dodging questions, or a college student out on Spring Break, you may want to keep looking. When starting out, you might also want to steer clear of guests that seem to be too demanding. Not only will they be more exhausting, but they may also leave with you a bad review that will hurt future sales. An ideal guest is a couple or someone staying alone for a lengthy period of time.

Overall, starting your own Airbnb project is a fun undertaking that will give you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. In addition to being a great source of income, it will be a rewarding project that will reward your creativity and hospitality skills.

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