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Preparing Your Home For Fall

Nature gets ready to shed its leaves as a way of letting go of the past when autumn arrives. As this natural process goes on around us, it presents the perfect opportunity to de-clutter our homes as the energetic shift facilitates a similar kind of reorganization in our lives. It can be as simple as cleaning or organizing the kitchen of your home or apartment.

The Four Seasons

Spring is a time of growth, where the planting of seeds, ideas, and efforts yield new beginnings and opportunities. Next comes summer, a season where everyone and everything is on the go. The waning energy-change continues into winter when the chi slows down morphing into something more peaceful and calm. Winter, with its frigid temperatures and barren landscapes, is a period to hibernate. As important as it is to initiate new beginnings in the spring and summer months, it is equally important to recover and grow in spirit during the cooler autumnal and winter parts of the cycle. This time of inward turning “yin” energy is important for us to prepare for the coming rigors of the spring.

Preparing For Fall

As the temperature drops, our doors and windows have restricted exposure to the outside chi. This limitation makes it difficult to grasp the water chi from outdoor ponds and water features. Water also freezes in the winter. Usually the solution is simply to bring the water element indoors by activating at least one water feature within the home, especially in the living, dining, and family rooms.

Fall is an ideal time to rearrange your furniture. The smallest change, like moving a sofa closer to the window or switching the position of a lamp, can invite new energy into a space.

Even if the weather turns frigid, open your windows occasionally during the cooler fall months to let in some fresh air and invite positive chi.

Display a bowl of fruit or vegetables on your kitchen counter, like red apples or colorful gourds, to symbolize that your kitchen will never be empty and you can always afford to feed your family.

Never underestimate the power of scent! Burn scented candles or oils in your home to change your perspective for a new season:

  • Vanilla to make a room feel comforting

  • Peppermint to curb your appetite

  • Strawberry to boost energy and make you want to exercise

  • A floral fragrance to enhance learning

  • Pine to enhance wellbeing.

Adding a bit of “fire” energy into our homes at this time of year will keep us invigorated and of course warmer during this chilly time.

All of these seasonal tips can be reinforced with the inclusion of wonderful autumnal colors in your décor: think reds, maroons, burnt oranges and varying hues of yellow.

This time of year is also symbolically the time of the metal element. Metal contracts as it cools, as does “yin” energy. Colors symbolic of this element are metallics like silver, gold, brass and white. Perhaps you could hang a wonderful wreath of fallen autumn leaves with a lovely gold bow? Or even find some metallic holders for your candles. The options are endless! Happy decorating.

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